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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Nicky Philipps tells us about the greats that inspire her landscape painting

To coincide with Nicky Philipps's first solo exhibition of landscape paintings, 'Travels with my Paintbox', which opens at Fine Art Commissions on 7th October, we asked who inspires her work:

J.M.W. Turner

'I love Turner's wild brushstrokes and the amount of paint he used. He painted with huge freedom and energy and discovered the romantic in every view.'

'Rain, Steam and Speed,' 1844 © The National Gallery, London
'Margate (?) from the sea', 1835-40 © The National Gallery, London
Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot

'Corot is one of the few painters who made sense out of green. It is an impossible colour to work with but instead of the heavy sap greens of summer, his are very gentle, greyish hues that still appear true to life.'

'Dardagny, Morning', 1853 © The National Gallery, London
'The Leaning Tree Trunk', 1860-65 © The National Gallery, London
Edward Seago

'Edward Seago spent much of his early life on his back for medical reasons observing the clouds and is a master of skies. Sometimes I will wake up and think  'that is a Seago sky', so instantly recognisable are his colours. I think it is a testament to his ability to capture an exact moment in the day: the pink sirrus clouds of a balmy July evening, or the yellow sky that appears just before a November thunderstorm.’ 

'Evening Haze, Thurne Dyke, Norfolk', © Seago Estate, courtesy of Portland Gallery, London. Photo Credit: Norfolk Museums Service.
'The River at Earlham, Norfolk', © Seago Estate, courtesy of Portland Gallery, London. Photo Credit: Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, University of East Anglia. 

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